San Anselmo, Sweet Home

A friend said to me, “So many places can be home”. This resonates with me for this move.

I lived in South Carolina for so long, I was doubtful that anywhere else could feel like home without serious trench-digging and tears. Turns out, when you’re where God calls you, sometimes things fall into place. I have found some really lovely and kind folks out here, and am loving my apartment (which I refer to as my “cottage” or “house”, because I tend to had the clunkiness of the word “apartment”).

The weather is also fantastic. Is this going to be forever?!

The transition to living in the seminary community is going to be rough for me, in a good way. So far I can tell that I am not used to living amongst the kind of genuine, supportive and honest community that I am finding here. I’m nervous to be so real with people, but at the same time, excited for the growth it will bring. And very afraid I will put my foot in my mouth! I don’t think I am naturally a very kind person (okay, maybe that’s up for debate), and the thick skin developed from years of bullying will take some time to get through. On my level, too- continually distrusting my peers does them a disservice as well as myself.

I start classes on Tuesday. That is, if my class is ever assigned a classroom. I might be wandering aimlessly around campus, visions of Hebrew dancing in my head.

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Moving! (For real, this time)

It has been quite the roller-coster convincing my folks to collaborate with me and help me get moved out.

But today, finally, a one-way ticket has been purchased. Theoretically, my mom and dad will fly out later that week and help me buy a car and get home furnishings (girl cannot deal without curry spices).

Until then, I will be a foot-commuter in the great city of San Anselmo! I have walking shoes and a can-do attitude. We’re going to ship one box of linens out so I can make my bed, and everything else will just have to wait.

If anyone is in the greater Bay area and wants to visit me or help me get settled in, then the 20-23 of August is the time! I’m not intimately familiar with the area yet, although once I get my car I look forward to finding all there is to offer in my new neck of the woods.

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Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet.

This is a space in which I will blog my seminary journey- hence the title, Ordain This.

“Ordain This” is largely a joke started on my Twitter page, laughingly inscribed when I do something I suspect my often curmudgeonly denomination would frown upon. Like going to Pride or having serious conversations about jorts. They are jean shorts, and they are almost always awful.

For those of you looking to follow my stream of consciousness, please stop by my Twitter (@BrookieS). I am hoping that the process of blogging my thoughts and fears about seminary and ordination will be meaningful for me, and maybe even meaningful for the occasional reader. I look forward to having some folks along for the ride to challenge me, encourage me, or tell me that yes, they really will ordain this.

Now to the task of making this blog look pretty. I make no promises!


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